Projects in Latin America

International Child Solidarity has been working in Latin America with projects which shall develop the strength in children so they can fight for their rights. The projects are executed by organizations in Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua, who want changes for equality and justice in their community.

Fællesskab i Nicaragua

The right to have a childhood
The projects are adressing the children and young people where they are – in the settlements, the markets or the streets. They are invited to participate in attractive activities such as music, dance and eco brigades. The activities have to be fun and develop social capacities and teach the children to be aware of and to express their feelings and opinions.

In painting the walls or making radio the children express their demands for rights and make it visible to the public and the authorities.

The partners in Nicaragua:  Tuktan Sirpi, Inhijambia and FUNARTE.
The partners in Bolivia: Chasqui, CEADL