About us

The NGO International Child Solidarity works to support processes that enable children to defend their rights and as a result of this their opportunities in life. In order to reach this aim, we are implementing a program in collaboration with Bolivian and Nicaraguan organisations working towards social change and a more just society.

Fællesskab i NicaraguaThe right to a childhood
Our program is targeting children and youth where they are – in their neighbourhoods, on the marked and on the streets. We invite them to take part in attractive activities such as music, dance and environmental brigades. The activities have to be fun and at the same time develop their social capacities and abilities to express feeling and opinions.

Through participation in radio programs, muralism and campaigns, the children express their hopes and suggestions as to how to improve the life conditions of children and youth.

Our partner organisations in Bolivia are: Chasqui, CEADL and Alalay

Our partner organisation in Peru is TAREA

International Child Solidarity works with awareness raising in Denmark with the aim of promoting a more solidary and just world.

International Child Solidarity was founded in 1992. The owner organisations are constituted by the labor unions representing social workers –  SL, BUPL and FOA.